Partnership to Simplify Private Funding

April 24, New York City & Luxembourg – Two Global Innovators in Finance, Crowd Valley Inc and TreveriMarket Announce to Offer Private Companies Much Needed Funding Support Services

Crowd Valley, the crowdfunding platform and back-office solution provider announced today that is has established a partnership with TreveriMarket, the global marketplace connecting investors to entrepreneurial startups, so that together they can offer private companies a wide range of professional services, including access to compliance, accounting and due-diligence functions. With the partnership’s established network of approved broker dealers, innovative companies around the world will benefit from access to real capital and to a streamlined framework for securing funds to fuel growth.

The partnership combines TreveriMarket’s expertise in the financial services industry with Crowd Valley’s network of portals facilitating private securities marketplaces around the world. Together, Treveri and Crowd Valley will simplify the process of capital formation that finances well-structured business plans. The two companies’ management teams are motivated by the prospect that their work will benefit local and global economies, and that their partnership will help jumpstart economic growth and job creation.

Streamlining the Process

“One of the major problems private companies face is the friction of closing a deal,” explained Peter Keller, CEO of TreveriMarket. “Even after finding investors, the process of securing real funds needs to be simplified and speeded up. Entrepreneurs deserve transparency in the process, and protection from hidden fees and unwarranted cost. Our partnership with Crowd Valley is designed to streamline the process of funding promising businesses.”

Crowd Valley CEO Markus Lampinen couldn’t agree more. “Lack of transparency and high costs get in the way of small businesses trying to create jobs. By creating access to trusted broker dealers simpler and standardizing the diligence process, a greater volume of deals can be closed more efficiently. We’re not only offering a much-needed service to our clients around the world, we’re also creating more efficient processes for the private securities market to benefit from.”

To ease transparency for all parties before properly offering an investment to clients through its broker dealer partner network, TreveriMarket will give Crowd Valley clients a standardized diligence template. Thanks to this uniform approach, costs on the broker dealer side can be reduced so Crowd Valley clients will effectively receive this service for a fraction of what a broker dealer typically charges.

“This is an exciting time to be in the business of helping solid companies and entrepreneurs find funding,” stated Lampinen. “Never has it been more important to bring investors and private businesses together and together we are taking a big step to making it significantly easier.”
About Crowd Valley

Crowd Valley is the one stop shop where you can start your own crowdfunding business in minutes and manage every aspect of the community with secure infrastructure, a variety of powerful tools and back office services. The Crowd Valley infrastructure also allows you the option of connecting your network to hundreds of other networks and investment communities around the world, so you can choose to stay local or go global.

About TreveriMarket

With its transparency, innovation and simplicity, Luxembourg-based TreveriMarket is the first global online marketplace that benefits both companies and investors in the private securities market. TreveriMarket is a web-based capital raising platform built to empower private companies and potential investors to streamline the process of raising capital in the private marketplace. More information is available at
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