Donald Trump has Entered the Building!


Love him or hate him, you have to respect his talent for creating buzz.  Now, Donald Trump has entered the Crowdfunding space through an investment into Fundanything.

Undoubtedly he will bring tremendous attention to crowdfunding, private equity, and online investment portals.  He will also raise the bar for marketing hype. With the solid team we have at TreveriMarket, we’re a giant step ahead of everyone else. Our deals are screened and well vetted opportunities instead of list yourself to make any claim you want. TreveriMarket has team members that are industry experts as well as business services that continue to expand.

For Capital Formation and beyond, TreveriMarket is a solid choice.

Capital Formation is at the root of growth and success for every country around the world. Our team at TreveriMarket finds the best projects, works with the best companies to get them funded for continued success.  We also continue to work with them on accounting, shareholder services, marketing, valuation services, and follow on rounds until these companies can stand on their own as a public company, or a successful private company. You can help change, democratize, and accelerate the process of adding jobs by helping TreveriMarket bring prosperity to all corners of the world.
In addition to the latest news of Donald Trump financing Fundanything, you may have also seen the amazing funding that CircleUp got for themselves and the outstanding valuation around that deal. CircleUp is a great company, but TreveriMarket aims higher with a stronger team and wider scope of services.
We don’t post a deal on TreveriMarket that we wouldn’t want our mother to invest in! Investors come to us expecting only real deals that have passed our diligence. We already have a reputation for quality.
In addition to helping companies raise funds, we help in every aspect of the capital formation process. Our growing team of consultants can get anything done! Business plans, financial modeling, pitch writing, website development, and much more.

We have been actively selling the services of many of our members, and we’re seeing increasing demand for them. The need for funding preparation is huge, just as is the need for post funding. We are putting together an outsourced CFO function with a standardized accounting platform to reduce ongoing expenses for our clients and making our deals more attractive to investors.

Again, what can you provide that fits? If it makes sense, TreveriMarket will market it and send clients your way.  In addition, we are exploring partnerships with a broker dealer in a more permanent manner allowing for more deals to be handled. We are also examining a healthcare plan for our team members and for those who really step up to the plate: stock options.

Now is the time to join the fastest growing “crowdfunding” platform in the world, for more information please contact us now.


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