Feature Listings Showcase: ANMR, NaNaMed, Verne Mendel

Nanoparticle Technology Will Make Medical Equipment Safer

Scientists are constantly discovering new uses for nanoparticle technology – chemical components so small, they change our understanding of how things can work. Nowhere have they found greater application than in medical technology. This company has based its research and development on applying nanoparticles to sanitize medical, industrial and even home surfaces for fast and extremely thorough sanitization.
Deal Size:  $1.5M    1YR Forecast Sales 100%
(private equity is risky, expect loss of investment)

A Proven Team’s Medical Advance for Detecting Colon Cancer

New medical technology that will help prevent colon cancer has been developed by a proven start-up team with a previous successfully bootstrapped start-up ending in the sale of the company.
Deal Size $5M          1YR Forecast Sales 498%

Verne Mendel Medical:
A Newer, Better Treatment For Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s

Help us transform a $55 billion drug market and improve the lives of 450 million people worldwide with our breakthrough treatment for degenerative disease.
Deal Size $9M


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