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With ZypPages, millions of small & home business can get a web page with no tech support. Our initial product is operational and we have started partner and vertical marketing. During 2013 we will develop 2 additional products and sign at least 3 partners.



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Palo Alto, CA

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The ZypPages instant Web posting solution can help close the digital divide for small businesses and is a breakthrough for the 65% of the World’s population not online.

ZypPages is part of the Software-As-Service (SaaS) market which is growing rapidly. In 2010 it was about $10B (4.0% of the $250B software market) and by 2015 Gartner predicts it will reach $22B.

A large proportion of small contractors and home businesses do not have or cannot have an online page. Reports indicated that about 2/3 of the World is not online; but in contrast there are over 6 B mobile contracts. Recent US statistics indicate that 54% of small businesses (16M) do not have a web site; add consultants and freelancers and the number is larger; around the World the amounts are even higher.

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