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Already up and running and backed by a CEO with 20 years in the industry, Taste of Blue is a digital concierge platform that makes exclusive luxury experiences accessible to people who can’t afford their own personal concierge.


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Los Angeles, CA

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A spin-off of the private premiere lifestyle management firm The Bluefish, Taste of Blue has created an online marketplace for the adventurer and thrill seeker in everyone – especially those who don’t have access to a private concierge.

Bluefish is well known to its target market of high net worth individuals, so Taste of Blue is designed to offer experiences with an air of exclusivity for people who want them at a value without the direct attention we offer our private clients. This expansion of our market also means we can easily include clients around the world, where increased disposable incomes are plentiful (Middle East, Russia, Asia, etc).

Under the banner “No Dream Too Big” we let our customers imagine being a fighter pilot for a day, or give them a red carpet fashion week experience, or get behind the wheel for a Baja off-road adventure. And we offer these with the accessibility, attitude or price point that only we can.

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