Make Police Officers Safer in Their Cars

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A new, efficient, complete communications dashboard system for law enforcement that police departments are already excited about.


Law Enforcement, Security


Central Falls, RI

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Brijo is a three-piece modular aftermarket dashboard unit which radically reduces the number of devices installed in the police car interior. The system consolidates the essential functions on the steering wheel and integrates the computer, lights, siren, radios, digital video, AM/FM radio and digital printer functions in the dashboard.

This is a giant leap ahead for law enforcement, that typically is confronted with slapped together systems, bolted in where they can fit. The last thing an officer needs to be is distracted and that is what is happening now. When Brijo was presented to chiefs of police around the country, they got excited and started trying to place orders.

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Categories:   Law Enforcement, Security


  • Posted: September 9, 2013 10:09

    Brian Harris

    Brijo is in the process of engaging a Marketing Consultant familiar with the operations of Police Departments and their procurement procedures. The goal is to establish pilot programs with a select group of Police Departments to allow them to test the Brijo product. Great marketing and information gathering process that may lead to sales opportunities.