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Bugscore is the first website in the world that allows people to score and compare anything that makes up their world. Where Google allows you to search, Wikipedia allows you to learn and Facebook/Twitter allow you to share information, Bugscore allows you to score it. We are also introducing for the first time to the web, a ‘Score’ button that will allow any 3rd party website to add scoring on their website.




London, UK

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Who: An ex. Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan/McKinsey team from LSE/Harvard/MIT/Singapore Polytec.
What: The first platform in the world that collects consumer opinion on everything in the form of quantified scores.
When: Launch was March 21st, 2013. How much: $330k raised in seed funding for rolling out new product functionalities, expanding data and technical teams and getting first 100,000 users.
Why: Our goal is to map out the entire world (by GPS coordinates) over the next 10 years such that everything is scored and has real-time fluctuating scores. Companies like Google are populating the installed base with augmented reality devices like Google Glasses. We envisage a world where people can look around anywhere and see scores on any person (those who have opted in), product or business before their very eyes. On the way there, Bugscore can impact over 63 industries becoming the global quality filter.

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