The Story of a Theatrical Giant and His Shattered World

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The life of Edwin Booth, the disgraced “rock star” of his era, is told from all the ugliness through to heartbreaking redemption. The public thinks that it knows the story of President Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth. But our backstory of the Booth Family and the founding of the Players is shrouded in mystery and riddled with seduction, tragedy, and intrigue. The Edwin Booth Movie unravels history and leads the audience on an unprecedented journey through the gaslight era to the present day painting the human condition in vibrant and bawdy colors.

Edwin,The Actor King Promotional Trailer 6-23-16 from Darren E. Johnson on Vimeo.


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Our story, steeped in danger, mystery, and controversy, has never been told. Our Team has spent its collective lifetime bringing compelling stories to life. Our irrepressible combination of dramatic flair and entreprenurial vision empowers us to bring this thrilling tale to the screen and make money for our investors.

Edwin’s enormous fame and reverence were overshadowed and all but obliterated by John Wilkes’s assassination of Lincoln. Our film will chronicle Edwin’s work, battle with personal demons, incredible highs, and dismal lows. A story that must be told, this narrative reveals a portrait of the vulnerability of the human condition in the intimate context of the family and the broad arena of sweeping historical events. This tragic yet ultimately uplifting tale exposes the wounds suffered from an infamous act of violence and illuminates the heroic struggle to emerge, withstand, and triumph. The film will evoke the feeling, speech, relationships, and atmosphere of the 19th Century society and theatre.

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