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Crowdfunding and Private Equity Dealmakers


What is TreveriMarket?

TreveriMarket is the new Alternative Global Marketplace, joining companies with each other and investors in order to facilitate capital formation and true partnerships, as well as a full suite of consultancy services targeted to meet the needs of start-ups and SME’s.

TreveriMarket scours the world for the best deals, and then performs a strict diligence grading system to make sure that both investors and client companies are protected.

In a short time, we have built a team over 40 persons strong in the US, EU, UK and Switzerland. Our team members provide everything that a small company needs, marketing, pitch writing, business plans, grant applications, financial modeling, outsourced CFO teams and even outsourced sales.

TreveriMarket is not just for funding, but is becoming the fastest growing online SME Accelerator!

TreveriMarket: Because growing ideas should be simple.


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