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Peter Keller, Founder and CEO Let's connect on LinkedIn
As the founding CEO of virt-x Exchange Ltd, the first pan-European Virtual Exchange, Peter is perfectly suited for building and running the first global marketplace for the creation of capital for small businesses. Peter has extensive background with Exchanges, equities, structured investment products and management.

David Scheckel, Founder and Chairman Let's connect on LinkedIn
David was previously CEO and Founder of an international equity order routing broker, held senior positions at Merrill Lynch, Herzog Heine Geduld, and Cowen and Company. David brings his extensive knowledge of trading systems, programming and networks, as well as the drive to foster change in the capital formation process to enable more companies to succeed.

Michael Jaeggi, Founding Partner Let's connect on LinkedIn
Michael is a banking and financial markets expert with over 25 years of experience in financial markets and private banking and has in-depth technical knowledge of trading infrastructure and commodities markets. From 2006-2010 he was Head of Product Management & Design Core Products for Clearstream Banking (Deutsche Boerse Group) and Member of the Group Executive Management of Clearstream, Luxembourg. Prior to this he was Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Boerse Commodities Gmbh, Frankfurt, where he was responsible for the successful negotiation of a joint venture with five partners in connection with the launch of Xetra Gold. From 2001-2006 he was Vice President Clearing/Settlement Project Director and Head of Strategic Projects for SWX Swiss Exchange/Zurich and virt-x London.

William Scheckel, Marketing Officer Let's connect on LinkedIn
William brings tremendous experience in B2B marketing, social networking and web development. Since 1992, William has contributed to the marketing efforts of many of the world’s leading brands, including SAP where he served as chief-of-staff for global marketing, IBM, Shell and Deutsche Bank. He has built close to 100 websites designed to foster online communities around the world to promote awareness and drive revenue.

Eli Lederman, Senior Advisor Let's connect on LinkedIn
A graduate in physics from Brown University, Eli received a Ph.D at NYU before spending two years as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard. During a fourteen year career at Morgan Stanley, half in New York and half in London, Eli was a managing director who established innovative new businesses in electronic trading and financial technology. In 2007 he became founding chief executive of a pan-European stock market owned by several of the largest investment banks in the world, a role he left when the business was sold in 2010. Since then, Eli has consulted on markets while also publishing two novels, HIGH FINANCE and FROM PILLAR TO POST.


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