A Holiday Greeting From TreveriMarket

LUXEMBOURG December 20, 2012

The entire team at TreveriMarket wishes you the best for the holiday season, and would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year.

In 2012, TreveriMarket has grown from a few thoughts in the minds of its Founding Partners, Peter, Michael, Will and David into a platform with almost 100 clients, and close to 30 partners and consultants globally that as a team offer sorely needed services at a great value while helping to put people back to work. Just a few random thoughts, then an action plan, then a lot of work, and 30 new jobs created! Our projects, if launched successfully will create almost 2,000 jobs worldwide – and we haven’t even gotten started yet!

In 2013, TreveriMarket is looking to grow its consultant/partner base tenfold at a minimum. The momentum is happening and we could not be more excited. But what does this mean? What are we really trying to do? Why Treveri?

The answer is the reason we built TreveriMarket in the first place:
Capital formation is the key to creating jobs and advancing innovation. But the process is broken. Very few companies can survive and grow in this environment; even fewer can get the funding they need to get off the ground. Exchanges no longer focus on formation, but merely on trading – an important after the fact requirement to provide liquidity for investors and the founders, but not likely to help one get going. Banks don’t give loans. Home equity has disappeared. VC’s and private equity investors have such a high bar to entry and require such a high multiple that, unless you are Facebook, you may as well forget it. Not everyone is trying to build a company that serves a billion people, and you don’t need to do that to make a living for yourself and your employees while making a return for your investors. So what do you do? Do we all settle for Olive Garden or Walmart, McDonalds? or do we try to come together to forge a new path towards something unique, something that breaks the mold?

TreveriMarket has broken it down to the basics. Democratize and commoditize the process from A to Z.

Come up with your idea, get people aware of what you are doing, get help from the TreveriMarket Team if you need it, then we break it all down into an easy to understand menu. You can get help with only what is most essential to get to the next step, get help with being realistic about your goals, then get help raising awareness, then partners, then financing and customers and you are on your way. By breaking the process down and having the best people work on individual pieces of your project, no matter where in the world they are, you get more than what you pay for. We are here to help you fulfill your goals. No private jets, no Super Bowl tickets or excessive entertainment that runs up the bill. If you ever wondered where bankers get all that money to do those kinds of things, wonder no more, it comes out of your fees!

The way TreveriMarket works, and why it is growing so fast is because it helps put people back to work, under one focused brand, with strict adherence to quality. We get the best consultants to help find projects, distribution, improve business plans, financial models, accounting, insurance, marketing, partnering, client sales, and of course Capital Formation. Each consultant has found that they can get more and better quality work by teaming with TreveriMarket. As they are all focused on one end goal, they are more skilled and can help gets projects launched efficiently.

Diligence from the Crowd instead of paid research is where we are headed next. TreveriMarket will help with the Facts. We don’t create market research reports paid by the company raising money, or for the analysts working for the big bank, that is and always has been a conflict of interests. We want the crowd, the members of our platform and all of our partners to weigh in on everything! The more you know and share, the better off everyone is. Do you know Bob who is working on project X? Tell us. Do you drive by their office every day? Tell us. Do you think their project is darn stupid? Tell us.

TreveriMarket has a vision of the future that combines two inspirations from the past.

Years ago, every large town had a central market. On certain days, people would gather and put forth their ideas on new projects, companies, how they envisioned growing their business. The guys in the crowd knew these fellows from around town and would decide if their project was worth financing. If it was, they would either invest directly or talk to their friends and maybe they would invest as well. If not, then it was back to the drawing board. This was capital formation at its finest, the creation of “listed companies” Venture Capitalists, and brokers, these casual markets grew into exchanges, and they worked.

In a totally separate time and place, a group of paid servants to Caesar one day realized that fighting on behalf of Caesar was not a worthwhile endeavor. They realized that the system had broken, the empire was no longer viable, so they went against him, built their own city, created a new culture. That city and culture has continued to thrive for over 2,000 years. Those people were the Treveri.

The system has broken; there is a path to revitalization. By leveraging social media, linking the world of Capital Formation services more effectively by people who understand that the empire is over and a new way of working is on the horizon. Join the cause, let’s all make it happen.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy New Year


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