TreveriMarket Launches in America after Crowdfunding Wins US Senate Approval

LUXEMBOURG, April 4, 2012 — TreveriMarket ( announced today that it is launching its crowdfunding and private equity platform in the US on the heels of last week’s Senate vote allowing crowdfunding for start-ups. This allows TreveriMarket to service the 27 million small businesses in the US that are now open to receiving the funding they need through the new and robust investment opportunities that the JOBS Act provides.

TreveriMarket, a global web-based platform, is designed to facilitate the partnering of successful businesses with the capital and support required to take them to the next level. Treveri empowers all businesses, from start-up ventures to large firms, to find capital, partners, resources or liquidity to launch, grow and capitalize any business venture.

“The process most private companies have been using to raise capital typically takes too long, costs too much and distracts senior management from day-to-day operations,” said Mr. Keller. “Our platform is a much more streamlined and efficient process to raise growth capital and provide liquidity for employees and investors.”

The JOBS Act has made headlines lately because it encourages the practice of “crowdfunding,” which lets entrepreneurs and businesses harness the reach of the Internet to raise capital from a large number of smaller investors.

“The Treveri platform allows companies and investment funds to interact directly with each other as well as with clients, shareholders and other service providers online – all parties can interact directly with each other and foster the exchange of information and liquidity. The passage of this bill allows us to cross borders and create a truly global platform” said Peter Keller, TreveriMarket CEO and former CEO of virt-x Exchange Ltd., a pioneer in direct, real-time trading, clearing and settlement of pan-European blue chip indices and stocks.

While Treveri Market is witnessing tremendous daily growth and will accept new US based users immediately, closings will be restricted until the law comes into effect.

About TreveriMarket
With its transparency, innovation and simplicity, Luxembourg-based TreveriMarket is the first global online marketplace that benefits both companies and investors in the private securities market. Its core product is a web-based capital raising and trading platform built to empower private companies, shareholders and potential investors to streamline the process of raising capital in the private marketplace and provide existing shareholders with increased liquidity. More information is available at

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