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Our partners help companies like yours with capital formation, back office solutions, grant applications and a many other services you need to grow.

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Crowd Valley GrantSnap

Crowd Valley platform for creating your secure marketplace or investor network and running it effectively with our powerful tools. Connect and partner with other communities and build ecosystems locally and all over the world. We also offer APIs and other tools to connect to our framework.


Grant Snap: Fund Your Company with Business Grants No Debt – No Equity LossBusiness grants can provide funding (up to several hundreds of thousands of euros) for an innovative idea or scaling of a proven business: • Debt-free: grant is not a loan. • No equity loss: you will not have to give away a share in your company. • Up to several hundred thousands of euros, depending on your region Grant Snap is an online service that helps you: • Select the right channel for your innovative business ideas. • Write a winning grant proposals via step-by-step guidance. • Review your grant proposals to maximize chances for success.Prices starting from € 600. Grant funding for Startups – Grant Snap

World Accelerator

World Accelerator is the first ever Domain Accelerator and offers companies the opportunity to build their business on the foundation of a premium domain name.

With ownership of 1,000 tier one domains, World Accelerator looks to match strong leadership teams with the best domain brand. For the right company, this is a transformative opportunity to open doors, improve conversions, improve retention and dramatically accelerate their business. In addition, World Accelerator also offers capital and mentorship like a typical accelerator.

World Accelerator is based in New York and is a global platform with affiliated companies headquartered in seven countries and mentors all over the world. Examples partner sites launched can be seen at,,,, and
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