Fool Me Once Shame On You!

Happy birthday to the JOBS Act. It’s been one year since then, April 5th.

Its been an interesting year for the Jobs Act. From Mary Shapiro change to stagnant equity crowdfunding.  Regardless, we must move on to bigger and better financial innovation.

That said, equity crowdfunding is moving on. It really isn’t about the general warm and fuzzy public as some equity crowdfunding sites seem to believe… It’s about accredited investors/QIB’s with deep pockets that are really moving and innovating the private equity markets to make big money in a 2% world.  The players are here.  Deals are seen just by looking at the most recent Nasdaq ($NDAQ) and SharesPost small private equity exchange. A new market is emerging for this alternative asset class.

TreveriMarket is here with new companies raising capital and establishing this new market place. Stay tuned for new innovative financial technologies to help you find, vet, and invest faster from treverimarket.

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