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Whether you’re scuba diving underwater, parachuting from the sky or hanging out at the pool – with our adventure-proof iPhone cases, adrenalin-junkies can capture and share their heart-stopping feats with the whole world.


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Created by an Emmy Award-winning underwater photographer who’s seen and done it all, our product combines the best of Instagram and extreme action cameras.

Our phone casing’s versatility and ease of use transforms smart phones into all-weather action cameras, finally freeing adventurers from carrying around an extra device.

And with fully integrated web support for easy social media sharing, the stunning images taken with our product are destined to go viral.

Our product doesn’t just stop and end with a phone case—it’s part of a brand that encourages people to engage the world in new ways. Our slogan is: “Do you Inspire?” The product name is—you guessed it—“Inspire,” by liquidmocean.

As the massively popular iPhone market continues to grow, Inspire fills one of the few remaining niches that haven’t been addressed. This is your chance to help us make our product a reality.

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