Market Chatter: Where Diehard Sport Fans Get The Inside Scoop

TreveriMarket client Sports Media 101 has recently been enjoying
substantial growth – far better than they dared to even hope. They’ve
seen an explosion in content generation and social media use. They
also closed a number of deals with new syndication outlets and other
partners, including FeedCrossing, Scribit, LockerPulse, RSSPump,
JockSpin, Social Screamer, News360 and Giant Realm.

They also closed a lucrative syndication deal with Feedly, who will
essentially be taking over for Google Reader. Not only are they going
to syndicate Sports Media 101 content, but they will list their
content under their “Featured” section along with only three others —
ESPN, Deadspin and Bleacher Report.

You’ll begin to see their stories on Google News  and see verified 101
pages on Google+  with a number of upcoming Google Hangouts.

With traffic for some segments growing by as much as 5,000 percent,
their Alexa page rank improving from 742,000 to 87,000 over the last
three months and more syndication deals are on the way and we’ll be
looking for them to skyrocket as investors step up to take advantage
of this great opportunity.

Show Me The Deal

Size: $4.5M
1yr Sales Growth:  317%
1yr Earnings Growth:  3,137%

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