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Imagine a media industry that pays creators well, rewards fans for their engagement and finds advertisers an audience that is interested in what they have to say. With Funn Networks, this is the reality being created by industry leaders in media, advertising, marketing and entertainment.


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New York, NY

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Funn Networks believes that the only way for media content creators & advertisers to make money is to start with the audience and build a media outlet around them, their needs, interests and desire to share with their friends. So we built an ecosystem with patented technology that sets out to serve the audience while making life more profitable for content creators.

We are industry leaders in media, advertising, marketing and entertainment who have joined together to create an ecosystem that incentivizes audiences to engage with content and ads, while providing the business side of the equation with the revenue streams and attention they seek. Our model is already working, we simply need the support of an outside investor to capitalize on the thousands of content creators we already have on board.

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