Monday Starts the Big Bang!

Monday, September 23 marks the day when the US finally gets to begin Crowdfunding in a serious way. As of Monday, general solicitation, the ability to advertise certain types of investment into private companies, is allowed. This is a huge change.

The floodgate has opened, we expect to see a bombardment of emails, tweets, Facebook posts and advertisements of all kinds on hundreds of thousands of private companies and startups all clamoring for attention. We expect some really good opportunities and an awful lot of duds, and even some straight out phoney baloney. While this change is ultimately for the best and a new process of capital formation will be born from the ensuing chaos, we know the chaos is coming. Kickstarter alone has over 10,000 movie deals. Search for “Apps” on Angel List and you’ll be reading through listings for days. If you try to keep up with all the ads you will see, you will probably run screaming to find a way to shut it all off.

Our team understands the importance of filtering things in advance – of sorting out the doomed or fake projects so they never appear in the list and you’re left with quality projects to review.

Every deal on has been vetted by our team. Companies can’t list themselves on the platform because we subject every project to our 20-point diligence scorecard so we can analyze the team, the product, the business plan and all other key points. We determine whether the project has merit, whatever the industry, size of the company or its needs. We tell the company what deficits we find and when we’re convinced they’re ready, we post their project on our platform.

With the launch of our new site, we will be empowering the crowd to add a real layer of social diligence to let the best projects shine through. We have also begun live events in New York and Los Angeles where people can learn more, face to face. You can review a company online then come meet them next month.

TreveriMarket acts as an incubator, an accelerator, and business partner. We work with companies to reduce their cash needs, leverage each other to reach their preliminary goals, prove the theory out, then go for financing, or straight to market! We have introduced consulting services and a team around that to outsource sales, accounting, business plans, web development, pitches, coaching and mentoring all in an effort to create the best chance for the companies and their potential investors.

TreveriMarket will continue to evolve, provide more services, expand the team and scope of offerings. In the coming days, we will be bringing in real estate and other asset backed opportunities into the market place and, we will be increasing our partnerships with well-known incubators and startup labs. And we will continue to work with a broad spectrum of companies, from grocery stores to local bars, from world class NASCAR teams to green energy and impact projects – and maybe even a few core changing technology companies.

If you haven’t already, join TreveriMarket – explore the projects, start conversations with people around the world just like you, and even consider becoming a team member to help reduce the chaos and bring new companies to life.

TreveriMarket acts as a membership club offering consulting and advertising services, it does not hold funds or act in the capacity of a broker dealer in any way.

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