find private equity and start-up investors

The idea is simple: the private equity and crowdfunding markets have lots of great opportunities, but without transparency, finding the right partner can be problematic, diligence can be difficult and deals can be seriously delayed. Treveri is here to correct that.

Treveri is a new ecosystem for the crowdfunding and private equity markets, a trading platform that offers a simple and convenient way to list private securities and other financial instruments, where buyers, sellers, advisors and private companies come to trade and interact.

Treveri offers a unique, robust database that works intuitively to find the investment solution, partner, resource or liquidity you need. Each month Treveri will introduce new features to make the experience even better. From an enhanced GUI to real-time chat translation, from investment opportunities for Fund managers to finding service providers to help comply with new regulations, Treveri provides a new dimension of Business to Business interaction.

With its transparency, consistent approach to diligence and simplicity, Treveri empowers individual investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms and private companies.


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