Advantages for Start-Ups & Private Companies

Treveri is the only platform that supports companies for the entire growth lifecycle. That means, whether you’re a start-up or a global company, we can help you raise capital faster, on your terms, with less work, lower cost and at a lower cost of capital. We can provide liquidity to you, your investors and employees through a process that you control.



With Treveri:

  • Private companies can raise capital
  • Investors can find quality private company investments, and
  • Shareholders can trade private company securities.

And all of this is done in a highly efficient, transparent and controlled manner.

Treveri Market’s Key Benefits

We provide you with:

  • A large market of pre-qualified and authorized investors, and
  • Company-controlled access to private company information, both for due diligence and ongoing reporting purposes.
  • Support and transparency for the complete lifecycle of your business – from start-up to global enterprise.

Our goal is to enable private companies like yours to raise capital faster and more cost-effectively, on your terms and at a higher valuation by supporting you as you grow.

Discover Partnerships

Based on what you do and where you operate, Treveri is able to discover potential partners for you, too. Whether you’re looking for a joint venture, a true business partnership with equity participation, a barter deal or any of a number of other innovative ways to help you grow your company, Treveri’s extensive database is designed to search for business and investment partners across the entire Treveri platform.

You can also search on your own for partners or deals based on your preferences, by industry, geography or other factors. Once you find a match, Treveri enables you to chat with potential business partners to evaluate the potential fit prior to confirming next steps. Business partners you find through the site can also help you sell your products and you may even find clients to increase your sales even more.

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