What Is Treveri?

Treveri puts the information you need for your crowdfunding and private equity needs right at your fingertips. You can use Treveri to find the people you want to do business in based on industry or geography and you can see who is there and view, research and chat.


You can click on any screen or person in that pit for further information. One click takes you to historical data and the diligence room. We make sure all diligence information is accurate, up to date and presented in a uniform way to ease the speed of information. Bad data can lead to a bad deal and correcting that is one of the reasons Treveri exists.

Once you’ve done your due diligence, advisors are on-hand to take you to specific third party investment advice surrounding that issue or fund, while brokers each offer their trading services.

Qualified individual investors must fill out the required forms and be approved for trading. Of course, you can explore the site before you register with a Visitor Badge, too. As a guest with a Visitor Badge, you can view and share comments but cannot trade or access the complete diligence rooms or other secure data.

Discover a New Way to Sell and Invest

Treveri’s innovative indexing program is able to create virtual exchange traded funds. By pooling among industry groups or funds based on geography or issuer, you can group investment holdings to create your own fund and then sell interests in it. Now you can monetize previous investments in a new and creative way, without the lengthy and costly process of undertaking a speculative IPO or corporate sale.

Register today with Treveri and put the power of transparent information to use for you and your company now!


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