TreveriMarket and Tradeyom Announce Deal on Platform Technology

tradeyom-logoTreveriMarket, the alternative global marketplace that connects innovative young companies with investors, today announces that it will use technology from Tradeyom to improve the efficiency and transparency of its fundraising process.

“At Treveri, our goal has always been to streamline capital formation for new businesses, which are the engine of job creation and economic growth,” says David Scheckel, Chairman and founder of TreveriMarket. “We are delighted to join forces with Tradeyom to revolutionize how private companies achieve their funding needs.”

As part of the agreement, Treveri will use uniform price auctions (UPAs) developed by Tradeyom for expediting private placements and achieving optimal terms for companies and investors.

Peter Keller, TreveriMarket CEO, adds: “The application of intelligent UPA technology to private equity and venture capital opportunities has the potential to radically alter the investment landscape and to improve our marketplace for all participants.”

“We look forward to working with the team at TreveriMarket to deliver a first class solution,” says Eli Lederman, Tradeyom CEO. “Everyone involved is excited about applying smart technology to improve the odds that companies will get the funding they need at the valuations they deserve.”

About the Companies.
TreveriMarket, based in Luxembourg, operates a networked platform to facilitate investment in private companies. The firm also provides a full suite of consultancy services for small and medium enterprises. For more information, please visit

Tradeyom, based in the UK, is a technology company that offers a flexible, configurable platform for business networks to establish and operate exchanges where their goods and services can list and trade. Tradeyom combines state-of-the-art engines for auctions and trading with distributed, open architecture for easy access and scalable solutions. For more information, please visit:

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