TreveriMarket wins Europe 4 Startups Competition

LUXEMBOURG June 12, 2012 — TreveriMarket ( today announced that it has won the inaugural Europe 4 Startups competition. After months of research into startup companies based in Luxembourg, awards were given to the top four companies, to be formally presented next week at the ICT Spring event on 19-20 June 2012 in Luxembourg.

TreveriMarket, a company that enables business of all sizes to find capital, partners, resources or liquidity to launch, grow and capitalize any business venture, found the competition to be stiff. Founder David Scheckel commented, “This is quite an honor for us. Luxembourg is a cutting edge location for entrepreneurs and to be designated as cream of the crop is no small feat. We’re proud to have started in a place that fosters the spirit of enterprise.”

Asked why he believes TreveriMarket was granted the award, CEO Peter Keller said, “The process most private companies have been using to raise capital typically takes too long, costs too much and distracts senior management from day-to-day operations. Our platform allows for a much more efficient process to raise growth capital and provide liquidity for employees and investors. Clearly, Europe 4 Startups took into account that we’re not only a growing company, but will succeed best if we can help other companies grow quickly, easily and transparently.”

About Europe 4 Startups
Europe4Startups is the first major European private initiative of its kind. It offers 12 months’ worth of unconditional, premium cloud, networking and business services at no charge. This brand-new initiative has been launched by a Luxembourg-based non-profit foundation that aims to help promising young businesses and multimedia companies launch their ventures in Europe.

Its members, all of them non-competing, complementary business service providers, decided to join forces and contribute by offering their expertise and services to the foundation. The services offered are both material and intellectual in nature and include hosting facilities and services, office space, business consultancy and financial planning support.

About TreveriMarket
With its transparency, innovation and simplicity, Luxembourg-based TreveriMarket is among the first global electronic marketplaces that benefit both companies and investors. Its core product is a web-based capital raising and information platform built to empower private companies, shareholders and potential investors to streamline the process of raising capital in the private marketplace and provide existing shareholders with increased liquidity. More information is available at

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