Thriving Swiss Silicates Business to Expand in Asia



Short and Sweet

Swiss company vanBaerle’s Asian silicates business is growing so fast, a new production plant needs to be built to meet demand. Help this thriving company become even more profitable.


Silicates, Chemicals, Manufacturing


Muenchenstein, Switzerland

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Why You Should Care

Silicates can be used in a multitude of industrial applications, including making paper, glass and fire-resistant materials. It’s use is widespread and sales are increasing, accordingly.

The sales of silicates in Asia have increased from US$898K in year 2000 to US$4.6 millions in year 2011, achieving an average turnover increase of around 38% per year for the past 11 years. The silicates applications have expanded from the welding sector to include “Fire Resistant ” & “Construction & anti-corrosion coatings” applications. An application lab has been set-up in van Baerle Singapore office in 2011 to provide close / prompt application support to customers in Asia.

Creating this new plant will decrease costs and increase profitability, allowing this successful company to thrive.

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Categories:   Chemicals, Manufacturing, Silicates